Information about the Fly Hotel Venice Restaurant

Fly Hotel
Via Triestina 170 - 30030 Venezia-Tessera Italy
Ph. +39 041.5415022 - Fax +39 041.5415286

The Gaggiato family have been well-known as restauranteurs since the 1940s. Their name is associated with the famous "Cucina pronta da Mario", a typical restaurant of the lagoon inland which offered refreshment services to travellers heading towards Venice.

In the same place today, you can find the new "Ristorante da Mario" to which has been added the modern Hotel Fly thus creating a perfect union between culinary tradition and hospitality. The menu is a carefully studied fusion between Italian and Venetian cuisine where fish and meat specialities are exalted by a sought-after combination with famous wines from the Veneto region.

Fish-lovers can, for example, start with Granseola alla veneziana (rock crab in the Venetian style), continue with Spaghetti allo scoglio (spaghetti with reef sea-food) and then finish off with an abundant mixed fish grill. The meat-based menu is just as rich: you can choose a starter of smoked duck breast followed by Tagliatelle ai porcini (ribbon pasta with Boletus mushrooms) and mixed charcoal grilled meat.

The Bar is an ideal place for a chat over coffee, to start the day with a good breakfast or grab a quick sandwich during a break from work.

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