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        "Face set malls"

        About KFLOW > Enterprise culture

        Corporate Purpose

        Gather creativity to turn your dream of healthy life into reality

        Corporate Mission

        • Strive for the healthy life of every individual

        Corporate Vision

        To create a global health electrical appliances in the field of first-class enterprises with high-end water purifier as the leading position in the water treatment industry. With innovation as our souls, quality as our lives, and exquisite life as our goals, KFLOW strives to be built into a healthy electrical appliance enterprise with the international leading level.


        Corporate Values

        Technology. Innovation. Service. Dedication

        To create value for customers: Continuously carry out product innovation and service improvement. Satisfy the diverse needs of every customer; improve the quality of life.

        To realize value for employees: Respect and encourage every employee's ability and creativity. Allow employees to grow and develop healthily.

        To show value for society: Pursue high standards of contribution to community; achieve sustainable development of enterprises, and return the favor back to society.